High Frequency Applications (HEAT) Lab site
University of Rijeka
Faculty of Engineering
Department of Computer Engineering


The High Frequency Applications (HEAT) Lab is dedicated to supporting students in their projects in the RF/microwave-, communications-, and network systems- courses at the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Rijeka, Croatia.
Since the sufficient room was allocated for its activites in 2011, we strive to acquire more equipment (hardware and software) for our educational and research purposes.
From 2011 and 2016, about 15 students used the lab every academic year to work on their various hands-on project assignments, or their bachelor's and master's theses in courses encompassing web application development, mobile application development, radiocommunications, microwave engineering, and computational electromagnetics.
In addition, there have been 6 visiting students for their 2-month summer internships (5 students from the University of Nantes, France over the course of 3 consecutive years and a student from Indian Institute of Technology, India).

With a constant care to expand the research opportunities within our limited budget, we managed to equip the lab with the essential tools for a successful research and testing features in the field of antennas and propagation and microwave engineering, while software development capabilities have never been an issue thanks to the widespread availability of necessary development tools. 

Over time, HEAT Lab has been supported by, or cooperated with several companies in the form of equipment-, supplies-, and manufacturing- donations. We thank the following companies for their support:
  • Croatian Telecom (Hrvatski telekom), 
  • Transmitters and Link (Odašiljači i veze), 
  • Mjerne tehnologije (mTeh),
  • Taconic,
  • ITD-tim,
  • MegiQ.