Faculty member:
Miroslav Joler

Lab Alumni:

Web application development (undergraduate program of computer engineering):

  1. 2018 Krajcar, Filip: A web application for computation of parameters of radio-propagation models, (CE).

  2. 2016 Carta, Vanessa: An application for design of impedance matching using a single-stub tuning technique, (CE).

  3. 2016 Fafanđel, Erika: A web application for a design of a binomial impedance transformer, (CE).

  4. 2016 Klarić, Ivona:  A web calculator of transmission lines parameters, (CE).

  5. 2016 Mohović, Marino: A simulation of a plane electromagnetic wave incidence on a dielectric medium boundary, (CE).

  6. 2015 Balent, Andrijana: Development of a simple web content management system.

  7. 2015 Bošković-Pavković, Ivan: A web application for generation of CV.

  8. 2015 Mušković, Renato: A web application for parameter calculation of L-networks for impedance transformation.

  9. 2015 Pavleković, Renato: A web application for administrative management of the graduation theses assignment.

  10. 2014 Batistić, Luka: Rent Web 2 – Advanced Features in the Application for Evaluation of Participants on the Rental Real Estate Market, (CE).

  11. 2014 Čerljenko, Ricardo: A Web Application for Electronic Voting, (CE)

  12. 2014 Marmilić, Teo: A Web Application for Inventory of the Lab Equipment, (CE)

  13. 2014 Milaković, Ivan: A support application for management of a small enterprise.

  14. 2014 Tahirović, Emrah: A Web Application for Presentation and Booking of Tourist Appartments, (CE).

  15. 2013 Fabeta, Tomislav: An Interactive Web-page for the Smith Chart-based Analysis (CE).

  16. 2013 Prodić, Nataša: The Rent Web – an Appliction for Evaluation of Participants on the Rental Real Estate Market, (CE).

  17. 2013 Zorić, Juraj: Advance Features of Classroom Reservation Calendar and the Administrator Dashboard, (CE).

  18. 2012 Dunković, Paolo: An Application for Administration of Teaching Load of the University Instructors, (CE).

  19. 2012 Reščić, Luka: An Algorithm for Balancing of Patient Waiting Lists in a Healthcare System, (CE).

  20. 2012 Štulina, Mate: A Web Application for Management of Sport Centers Locations, (CE).

  21. 2011 Barak, Rene: An Algorithm for Advanced Searching of Available Periodic Slots in a Calendar, (CE).

  22. 2011 Krstanović, Filip: Implementation of the https Protocol in Interactive Web Pages, (CE).

  23. 2011 Matušan, Katica: A Programmable Attenuator of RF Signal, (EE).

  24. 2011 Varljen, Jan: An Advanced Web Interface of a Calendar and the Administrator Dashboard, (CE).

  25. 2011 Vidović, Aleksandar: An Application for the Administration of Graduation Theses, (CE).

Mobile application development (graduate program of computer engineering):
  1. 2018 Balent, Adrijana: A mobile application for calculation of transmission line parameters, (CE)
  2. 2016 Zorić, Juraj: Development of mobile applications using technologies for web application development, (CE).
  3. 2016 Bikić, Dino: Testing Near Field Communication and Bluetooth Low Energy Technologies on Android Devices, (CE).
  4. 2016 Sulovsky, Boris: Implementation of reverse geocoding and location tracking within a mobile application, (CE).

                              Radiocommunications (graduate program of electrical engineering)
                              1. 2015 Štih, Boris: A Computational Model For Analysis of Wireless Power Transfer, (EE).
                              2. 2014 Baćac, Nikola: An FDTD-based Code for Analysis of Acoustic Wave Propagation in an Inhomogeneous Space, (EE).
                              3. 2014 Kolonić, Anamaria: Design and Analysis of a Circularly Polarized Textile Antenna Operating in the E Band, (EE).
                              4. 2013 Kučan, Joško: Analysis of the Impact of Slot Dimensions on the Resonant Frequencies of Rectangular Microstrip Antennas, (EE).
                              5. 2011 Bojčić, Ivo: Design of Multi-sectional Binomial Impedance Transformer, (EE).
                              6. 2011 Miljenović, Teo: Application of a Transceiver Based on ZigBee Standard, (EE).
                              7. 2011 Smolčić, Dalibor: Impact of the Shunt Resistor Assembly on the Performance of the Wilkinson Transformer, (EE).

                                Mobile Communications (graduate program of computer engineering)
                                1. 2018  Ibrahimagić, Denis: A Computer-controlled RF Spectrum Analyzer using LabVIEW, (CE)
                                2. 2018   Lacković, Nikola: A Computer-controlled oscilloscope using LabVIEW, (CE).
                                3. 2017 Suljić, Kristijan: A Web Application for simulation of ASK, FSK, and PSK modulation, (CE).